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Global Network Infrastructure For Large Telecommunications Company
  • Large global telecommunications company had:
    • Multiple, disparate internal corporate networks that could not "talk" to each other
    • High operations cost due to unnecessary duplicate circuits and heavy reliance on expensive external circuits
    • Non-integrated enterprise-wide IP strategy
    • No network management or automated fault reporting
    • Limited to non-existent network security
Project Objectives
  • Single, seamless logical and physical IP architecture to meet current needs and scale to meet future needs
  • Significantly reduced operating costs, utilizing own capacity where available
  • Full communication across the enterprise and "ubiquitous" end user access from any location
  • Strong security to protect the enterprise
  • Inventoried and audited entire enterprise network(s)
  • Combined multiple internal network organizations into single entity with common focus and goals
  • Designed flexible and scalable IP strategy to meet current and planned business needs
  • Created global "communication hubs" to connect various sites to decrease communication costs while improving bandwidth
  • Implemented network changes in multiple phases during non-business hours to minimize impact on on-going operations
  • Instigated strong change control procedures to prevent small local changes from impacting global enterprise network
  • Cut recurring network circuit costs by over 50% resulting in significant first year savings even after including costs of project capital improvements
  • Internal customers able to take laptop to any location worldwide, plug into network, and work as if they were back at their home location
  • Complete security and global firewall policies and procedures implemented to protect enterprise yet allow seamless corporate communication both within the enterprise and remotely
  • Allowed enterprise to implement global systems/applications never before possible due to network constraints

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