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Global Video Conferencing Service Installation
  • Travel costs to attend meetings increasing at alarming rate
  • Company wanted ability to quickly and efficiently bring together key players at short notice with more personal interaction than simple phone call
  • Lack of camaraderie/cohesion within organizations geographically separated
Project Objectives
  • Develop and implement global video conferencing capabilities
  • Provide capability to hold single and multi-point conferencing
  • Develop and setup policies, procedures, and infrastructure to train and support corporate users
  • Determined key locations with organization based on function and size
  • Selected appropriate technology and vendors
  • Installed two test sites, one in the US and one in the UK, as proof of concept beta test to measure quality, availability, and supportability
  • Identified and trained key company leaders as early adopters to rapidly promote use of new service throughout company
  • Deployed throughout enterprise
  • Saved over one million US dollars in actual annual travel costs. Additional huge intangible productivity gains resulting from time not lost in transit between meeting locations was also achieved
  • Geographically separated organizations could hold weekly video conference staff meetings, facilitating better communication and teamwork
  • Critical late breaking information could be personally delivered enterprise wide in a matter of minutes versus days/weeks

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