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Global "Follow The Sun" Helpdesk Implementation
  • Large, multi-national corporation spread across 21 countries and multiple time zones had:
    • Completely separate help desks and support teams with no common processes, procedures, or skills
    • Inability to support traveling users' needs outside of their own territory
    • Inability to utilize help desk staff located in other time zones to support extended hours of operation, resulting in higher overtime costs or shorter hours of support for end users
Project Objectives
  • Unify all help desk and support teams to improve service to corporation while decreasing support costs
  • Institute ticketing system to provide accurate metrics on delivery of IT support
  • Instituted single help desk ticketing system across the corporation
  • Provided users with access to single global team that could take advantage of the various time zone differences to provide longer and more cost effective support
  • Cross-trained team on any legacy systems outside their own "home" territory
  • Corporation was able to reduce support headcount by over 50% while improving end user support
  • Traveling users were able to seamlessly gain needed assistance from local support teams
  • Provided corporation with consolidated view and metrics of tickets, facilitating improved communications, more proactive problem avoidance, and data to evaluate where training was necessary

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