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Data Center Construction And Migration
  • Large corporation had:
    • Multiple, disparate computer centers resulting in high costs and inefficiencies
    • Inadequate communication links to/from all sites resulting in system bottlenecks for end users
    • Lack of centralized backup and recovery processes, procedures, and capabilities
Project Objectives
  • Consolidate multiple data centers into one facility
  • Ensure adequate, redundant communication links
  • Implement "best practice" support procedures
  • Quickly determined best site for new data center based on:
    • Real estate and construction costs
    • Co-location with high speed data links
    • Cost to employ and retain required support personnel
    • Favorable business, legal, and governmental environment
  • Built out new data center
  • Performed extensive systems and communication tests prior to production systems migration
  • Migrated production equipment in phases based on billing runs and other critical business schedules
  • Ensured software and databases double backed up and spare/replacement hardware available in the event of an accident during physical equipment move
  • Successfully built and migrated systems into new 10,000 square foot data center with minimal impact to production business operations
  • Improved communication link bandwidth and stability
  • Consolidated and tested back up and recovery procedures to protect valuable corporate information

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