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Strategic IT Infrastructure Integration For Large Telecommunications Merger
  • Merger of two very large telecommunications companies required full integration of all existing staff, systems, and operations in order to function as single unit going forward
Project Objectives
  • Rapidly integrate systems and personnel into a single architecture, operation, and support infrastructure
  • Achieve combined economies of scale
  • Support other areas of the enterprise also going through wholesale changes as a result of the merger
  • Analyzed and evaluated existing infrastructure technology within both organizations with respect to strategic goals of the new enterprise
  • Selected most appropriate existing deployed technologies based on scalability, operational needs, cost to change and or implement, size of installed base, industry direction, and impact on end users and or business processes
  • Placed significant emphasis on combining the two IT organizations into a single working unit with common goals, policies, procedures, customer support methodologies, and direction
  • Cross-trained existing IT teams on each others' existing technology in order to rapidly promote sharing of ideas, integration, and support immediate needs of combined entity
  • Successfully built and migrated systems into new 10,000 square foot data center with minimal impact to production business operations
  • Improved communication link bandwidth and stability
  • Consolidated and tested back up and recovery procedures to protect valuable corporate information

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