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IT Organization Creation For Startup
  • Merger of two very large telecommunications companies required full integration of all existing staff, systems, and operations in order to function as single unit going forward
Project Objectives
  • Startup telecommunications company needed to:
    • Integrate numerous small entities with moderate to limited IT capabilities into single organization
    • Build an IT organization capable of sustaining and supporting planned rapid growth of company and IT requirements
    • Immediately relocate existing production equipment to new headquarters on opposite coast prior to build-out of new data center
  • Conduct full due diligence exercise to inventory and document existing hardware, software, license and support agreements, and staff skill sets
  • Develop new architecture to support high growth of business
  • Build data center near new headquarters location and consolidate existing and planned new equipment into facility
  • Develop and implement appropriate policies and procedures to support the business
  • Assist in hiring permanent staff
  • Successfully migrated existing production systems to new space with no impact on operations
  • Successfully completed data center fit-out and migration with no impact on operations
  • Ended engagement with fully trained and operational IT support team in place

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