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Multi Acquisition IT Integration
  • Merger of two very large telecommunications companies required full integration of all existing staff, systems, and operations in order to function as single unit going forward
Project Objectives
  • Perform due diligence on acquisitions from IT perspective
  • Quickly integrate each acquisition into parent infrastructure without diminishing value of acquired company or having any major disruption to on-going operations
  • Evaluate, size, train, and integrate acquire IT support staff as needed
  • Performed complete inventory of all acquired IT resources (systems, network, staff, polices and procedures)
  • Mapped all systems interdependencies
  • Integrated few legacy systems to remain standalone to be compatible with parent architecture and migrated all other systems to parent systems while minimizing business downtime
  • Effectively integrated each of the acquired companies systems maximizing return on investment, decreasing support costs, and allowing enterprise-wide computing
  • Created a single "corporate IT culture" to provide seamless support to end users, help create unity, and to speed up meshing of corporate cultures across the company

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